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Engaging Students with Real World Connections

Are you looking for ways to engage your students in learning?

These days students are constantly needing new and exciting ways to make real world connections. Their world with multi-media is a fast past and relevant to them. As teachers we now need to find ways to engage students in meaningful ways.

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Make 'Real World' Connections

An easy way to do this is to have students take on roles from the real world. This provides them with a chance to use skills they have recently learnt, and present them in a way that they find interesting and engaging.

How can we do this as busy teachers?

Have students present their learning in a way that is fun and interactive by picking a real world job to show their new knowledge. They can use their strengths to become news reporters, journalists, rappers, cartoonists etc. This also provides a range of quick displays for parent nights and hold student interest when watching/ reading the range of information from their classmates.

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Are you looking for more Real World Resources?

These lessons will have your students begging you to continue their learning. The encourage critical thinking and can be completed independently or in a group environment.

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Real Life Math Bundle